Advantages of PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can have a major positive impact on your marketing and your brand. PPC campaigns work by using specific keywords to target users who are searching for specific terms and placing your advertisement near the top of their search results.

These are the same pages that display organic search results, so you may be wondering, “Why should I invest in PPC when organic results do not cost money?” Well, PPC offers a lot of advantages that organic search doesn’t achieve by itself. But, you shouldn’t pit them against one another. Investing in both SEO and PPC will help increase your leads and drive conversion rates, which leads to a high ROI that will keep you happy.

Advantages of PPC marketing

Forty-five percent of small businesses use PPC for a good reason. It puts your service or product in front of the eyes of someone who’s ready to make a purchase.

PPC plays an important role in any complete digital marketing strategy. If you’re planning on increasing your ability to connect your brand with your target audience online, check out these five advantages that PPC can offer you:


Reach your target audience

PPC campaigns allow you to control how your ads are displayed. You have control over which keywords your ads are connected with, where your ads are targeted, how many clicks per day you want to bid on, timing of ads and much more.

PPC works fast

SEO is an effective way of increasing your findability online but it takes a while for SEO equity to grow. You have to produce a lot of content, make a lot of tweaks to your site and wait for search engines to index your pages. This all takes time.

With PPC, you can get your advertising in front of the eyes of users immediately. If you win bids for keywords and those terms are being searched within the parameters you set (location, time and more) you have a high opportunity of being seen.



It’s budget-friendly

As the name suggests, pay-per-click campaigns only cost you money when your link is clicked through. Plus, an effective PPC campaign earns your double your dollar. For each dollar spent per click, your business should earn two dollars.

This is because PPC puts your ads in the eyes of viewers who are 50 percent more ready to make a purchase than those who find you by organic search results.

You can measure results

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, PPC allows you to monitor the results of your campaign on an on-demand basis. You can track how much your spending, how effective each keyword is, how many visits you’re receiving, how well your landing pages are converting and more. Knowing this information will allow you to make changes during your campaign to yield more positive results.

Promotes your brand

You may notice that your ad is displaying for certain keywords but is not getting clicked-through. You should adjust your strategy to try and gain more clicks, but as long as your ad is displaying, you’re still putting your brand in front of someone.

If someone sees your ad but doesn’t click it, they may remember you and search for you later. If you have a widespread PPC campaign, you may notice organic search increases as well since PPC helps promote your brand.

Building your Brand with a PPC campaign by Burg & Co.

Managing a PPC campaign requires a lot of research and effort. You may not have enough time on your hands for all of this, but we do. Burg & Co. is passionate about developing digital marketing strategies that use PPC, SEO, content marketing and social media to connect your business to the target audience on the web.

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